Early California Wine Trade
For researching the early California wine trade and industry, the list below will not disappoint.
Highly recommended authors to consider are Heintz, McGinty, Peninou/Unzelman, Pinney, & Sullivan.
Not to be overlooked, the online searchable archives of the Pacific Wine & Spirit Review are invaluable.

• Bull, Don. Wine Antiques & Collectibles. 2013 (to be released
  in early 2013). Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., Atglen, PA. This book
  will include a chapter on the early California wine trade, with
  many contributions & comments from Dean Walters
• Carroll, James G.  The Winemakers of Martinez. 1985. 
  Regoli Print Shop, Martinez, CA.
• Costa, Eric J.  Old Vines - A History of Winegrowing in
  Amador County. 1994. Cenotto Publications, Jackson, CA.
• Florence, Jack W., Sr.  Legacy of a Village - The Italian   
  Swiss Colony Winery and People of Asti, California. 1999.    Raymond Court Press, Geyserville, CA.
• Friis, Leo J.  John Frohling: Vintner and City Founder. 1976. 
  Mother Lode Household, Inc., Anaheim, CA.
• Heintz, William F.  California's Napa Valley - One Hundred Sixty
  Years of Wine Making.  1999.  Scottwall Assoc., San Francisco.
• Haraszthy, Agoston. "Report on Grapes and Wine of
"  Transactions of the California State Agricultural
  Society, 1858. Sacramento, 1859.
• Latimer, Patricia.  California Wineries, Volume Two - Sonoma
  and Mendocino.  1976.  Vintage Image, St. Helena, CA.
• McGinty, Brian. Strong Wine, The Life and Legend of Agoston
  Haraszthy.  1998. Stanford University Press.
• McGinty, Brian. A Toast to Eclipse: Arpad Haraszthy and
  the Sparkling Wine of Old San Francisco. 2012. University of
  Oklahoma Press, Norman.
• Newton, Janet.  Stories of the Vineyards and Wineries of the
  Livermore Valley. 1987.  Janet Newton, Livermore, CA.
Pacific Wine & Spirit Review, msc. editions, 1891 to 1916,
  online from www.archive.org
• Parker, Tom with Charles Sullivan as consultant. 
   Inglenook Vineyards - 100 Years of Fine Winemaking. 
  1979. Inglenook Vineyards, Rutherford, CA.

• Peninou, Ernest & Unzelman, Gail.  The California Wine   Association and its Member Wineries 1894 - 1920.  2000. 
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• Peninou, Ernest & Unzelman, Gail. History of the Sonoma   Viticultural District. 1998. Nomis Press., Santa Rosa, CA.
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• Rossi, Edmund A.  Italian Swiss Colony and the Wine Industry. 
  (An Interview Conducted by Ruth Teiser, in book form). 1971. 
  The Regents of The University of California, Bancroft Library,
  Regional Oral History Office.
• Schoenman, Theodore, ed. The Father of California Wine.
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• Sullivan, Charles.  A Companion to California Wine. 1998.
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• Sullivan, Charles.  Like Modern Edens: Winegrowing in Santa
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The San Francisco Merchant, msc. editions, 1883 to 1890,
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• Weber, Lin.  Old Napa Valley - The History to 1900. 1998. 
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