Early California Wine Trade
Napa County Wineries

The quintessential wine producing area, Napa Valley played an important role in the formation of California's early wine industry. Wine production appeared in the late 1830s,
and gained considerable momentum in the
1860s with the likes of George Yount, Charles Krug and Jacob Schramm.

Others made their marks soon after, like Gottleib Groezinger, the Beringer Brothers,
H.W. Crabb (To-Kalon), Theodore Gier,
Gustave Neibaum (Inglenook), and Charles Carpy (Greystone in St. Helena & Uncle Sam Wine Cellars in Napa).

Many independent producers survived the ravages of Phylloxera and depression in the late 19th century. Many didn't survive, but disappeared, sold out, or were absorbed by the California Wine Association. The ultimate industry killer, Prohibition, devastated most in 1920. Very few reappeared following repeal in 1933.

Napa County Wineries
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